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Tales of the Profitable Trader

The User's Guide to Modern Price Action from Theory to Practice.

377 Pages | Author: James Harris | First published: 1 January 2023
Hardcover Print ISBN: 979-8-9873913-1-0 | Softcover Print ISBN: 979-8-9873913-4-1
Copyright © 2023 Smart Uncle LLC

“Your Journey Into The Profitable World of Stock Trading Begins Right Here”

Everything You Need to Become a Successful Trader in One Guide!

I started writing this book on February 16th 2021, with only one goal in mind: to write a book that would teach people about the stock market and protect them from all the false information on social media, which often makes crazy claims. I published a book two years after having this idea. I was a first-time author, and since my book was about the stock market, which I found incredibly exciting, I was concerned about how readers would react to it. “Tales of the Profitable Trader” was the title of the book, and little did I know that it would serve as the online course’s playbook. As soon as people realized the stock market had the potential to help them reach their financial goals, they began investing in it.

In Tales of the Profitable Trader, I outlined some of the most essential concepts for success in trading.

  • Trading can be challenging, and it can be challenging to know where to begin. Since most traders lose money, they should be properly educated before beginning.
  • To increase their chances of success, they should also learn from those who have already achieved success. This is why the book is so important.
  • It teaches them everything they require to develop into successful traders. Real-world examples and traders who have had success in the markets will be used to teach you. Additionally, they can advance your trading career thanks to this book.
  • This book provides detailed instructions on how properly execute trades, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to trade successfully. 
  • For you to learn from their failures and successes, this book, written by a successful trader, includes success stories from other traders.

Even though I am aware that not everyone will be interested in trading, for those who are, I hope to be a resource that can aid them in achieving their objectives. This is the book for you if you want to learn how to trade successfully.


James Harris

James Harris is an experienced engineer, stock market investor, and innovator with over fifteen years of experience in developing products with real value for people and businesses. He founded Smart Uncle, a brand with the goal of publishing books, media, and entertainment to educate, entertain, and inspire its audience. James is passionate about leveraging technology to bring innovative products to the market and create positive social change.

James graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering. During his time at major aerospace corporations, he developed a strong passion for technology, data analytics, and automation. He believes that experiences and knowledge should be shared, and strives to do his part in making the world a better place. His endeavors have been successful in inspiring others to think outside the box, explore new possibilities, and contribute towards building a brighter future.

In 2023, he started his publishing company, Smart Uncle. Since then, he has been hard at work creating unique products and services to help people and businesses succeed. He has a vision to create an environment where everyone can have access to the same resources, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic status.

In his spare time, James enjoys reading, exploring nature, trading stocks, and spending time with his family.

“Tales of the Profitable Trader” by James Harris will provide powerful insights into the world of trading. With a practical approach and engaging writing style, Harris dispels market myths and offers valuable advice for readers to create their own successful trading strategies. This compendium of truths and tactics is a must-read for both beginner and experienced traders seeking to improve their skills and achieve profitability.


This book is divided into five sections: The Journey, Trading Platform, Trading Tactics, Modern Price Action, and Risk Management. The initial 20 pages provide a comprehensive overview of the entire 377-page book. Examining the brief chapter summaries allows you to identify the most crucial information for your educational requirements. Regardless, this book is intended to be read from beginning to end for maximum benefit.


Unlock the secrets to successful stock trading by learning from someone who has achieved market mastery. Harris's comprehensive guide eliminates the guesswork, giving you a rare opportunity to learn directly from a fellow trader. Not only will this enhance your trading success, but it can also save you significant time and money. Whether your financial goals are lofty or modest, stock market investment is a crucial step in realizing the economic future of your dreams. Harris's program teaches you how to invest for various financial objectives, compare different assets, plan for retirement, and capitalize on market opportunities, so you can confidently build a more secure future. 


The book is complete with many visuals to help teach principles and show the efficiency of many of the suggested tactics in the stock market to use. 


Harris's astute analysis of breakout patterns (discussed with charts) in stock trading piqued my interest. He highlighted a common mistake: traders often fail to recognize breakouts, thereby missing out on chances for a substantial profit. However, Harris introduces a superior approach: consider entries at the retest-confirmation stage. By waiting to see if the price breaks out or returns to the consolidation boundaries, one can position themselves for an optimal entry point at a better price than those who only enter on a breakout. It's a simple yet effective method for boosting your trading success.


Investing your money can be daunting, but finding useful information and practical applications can make a world of difference. With James Harris's Tales of the Profitable Trader, you'll gain valuable insights through easy-to-understand graphics, anecdotes, reminders, hints, and examples. Harris draws on his own experiences to guide and teach you, putting you on the fast track to success as a savvy investor. Establish a foundation of solid investment skills and gain confidence in your financial decisions with this invaluable resource.


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